How to solve error 800233EF on Playstation 3

I was not able to open Playstation Network using my Playstation 3. Whenever I tried to enter PSN, I read a message that Playstation Store must be upgraded to “version 1.26”, however download could never finish successfully, it was ending with a message like “an error occurred during the download operation”. Error code: 800233EF.

How did I solve this issue?

  1. Back up data on the system storage to an external disk by Settings – System Settings – Backup Utility.
  2. Restore the system software to its default settings by Settings – System Settings – Restore Default Settings.
  3. Restore data from backup using Settings – System Settings – Backup Utility.

This process took more than several hours for my 160 GB PS3 system.

Estimation of remaining time on your TV screen can be wrong sometimes and it may seem like it is frozen at some points, however do not lose your hope, do not hit cancel easily, wait patiently.

Good luck and please leave your comments about whether this method worked for you or not.

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