Hey there! I’m Ertugrul. I wear two hats: one as a lawyer, and another as a software developer. I’m based in the beautiful United States.

As a Lawyer

I’m an active member of the Istanbul Bar Association and hold an LL.M. in International Business Law from the University of Exeter in the UK. I’m a PhD Candidate in Law in Istanbul University.

Over the years, I’ve consulted for leading Turkish companies on contract and commercial law, and participated in international legal projects. Also, I help resolve disputes as a certified mediator from Istanbul University.

More about my legal journey and legal writings can be found on my legal website.

As a Software Developer

I fell in love with programming when I got my first computer. From self-taught beginnings, I now create apps for iOS and macOS and have been publishing on the App Store since 2019.

I provide full-stack software development services to American tech companies, using a variety of tools and languages.

My official education in software development is from the US, and I was honored to receive the Chancellor’s Honor Award twice for my academic performance.

What else?

Since 2006, I’ve been sharing my thoughts on various subjects on this site, my “public notebook.” This platform is non-profit and has welcomed many visitors over the years.

Feel free to reach out about anything!

Ask me my Steam, PS, Xbox, or GoG id if you’re a gamer too. ;)