Unable to connect to WebDAV server in nautilus

I was unable to connect to WebDAV server in Nautilus. Entering the server’s address in the format of dav://ipaddress:port solved this issue. For a secure connection you may use “davs” instead of “dav” if your server supports it. ErtuğrulFrom defending clients to defending code. Developing software professionally in the U.S., offering legal advice on the […]

NetworkManager connection problem on Arch Linux [SOLVED]

networkmanager-openvpn should be installed for managing OpenVPN via GUI on Arch Linux. I added configuration for my OpenVPN connection but it was not connecting via GUI without any error message. I was able to connect using openvpn command. I checked the log with journalctl | grep NetworkManager and I noticed (gnome-control-center:6433): libnm-glib-WARNING **: Device activation […]