How to change wallpaper settings in Gnome 3

There is surprisingly not any GUI option in Gnome 3 by default to change wallpaper settings. I use “dconf-editor” for this purpose. It is possible to center, scale, tile or stretch a wallpaper by using it. “dconf-editor” can be found in the main repositories of Debian. Once you installed it, open dconf-editor, and navigate to: […]

How to verify Clonezilla ISO files

My notes titled “How to verify Clonezilla ISO files?” based on my experience on my debian 9 system. 1. Download Clonezilla ISO file from 2. Download CHECKSUMS.TXT.gpg and CHECKSUMS.TXT 3. Place all these files into the same directory. 4. $ gpg –verify ./CHECKSUMS.TXT.gpg ./CHECKSUMS.TXT gpg: Signature made Sal 27 Haz 2017 04:06:18 +03 gpg: […]

How to fix DNS leak with OpenVPN & Network Manager

Adding following lines into the .ovpn file before I import it to Network Manager on Ubuntu fixed DNS leak with my VPN connection established by NetworkManager. script-security 2 up /etc/openvpn/update-resolv-conf down /etc/openvpn/update-resolv-conf These lines should be added below the lines of initial commands and before the lines of certificates. ErtuğrulFrom defending clients to defending code. Developing […]

How to prevent leaks from VPN

I used following commands to prevent -almost- any outgoing internet connection from my Linux computer when VPN connection is not active. It is simple and it works. Reset ufw rules to default # ufw –force reset Drop all incoming traffic # ufw default deny incoming Drop all outgoing traffic # ufw default deny outgoing Let firewall […]

How to paste as plain text [gnome] [debian] [ubuntu]

sudo aptitude install percentile copy formatted text CTRL ALT H select the text just copied paste it using CTRL V without formatting or try CTRL SHIFT V ErtuğrulFrom defending clients to defending code. Developing software professionally in the U.S., offering legal advice on the side, and gaming like it’s still the ’90s. LLM Exeter, PhD(c) […]