NetworkManager connection problem on Arch Linux [SOLVED]

networkmanager-openvpn should be installed for managing OpenVPN via GUI on Arch Linux. I added configuration for my OpenVPN connection but it was not connecting via GUI without any error message. I was able to connect using openvpn command. I checked the log with journalctl | grep NetworkManager and I noticed (gnome-control-center:6433): libnm-glib-WARNING **: Device activation […]

Maximum brightness problem solved

My notebook’s brightness level was always set to maximum notwithstanding my previous adjustments using the brightness slider in the Gnome system menu. This is a problem experienced by many people on various distributions. Therefore search engine results are helpful to find a solution. Arch Wiki was again the most informative guide that I read during […]

Bluetooth headset connection problem solved

I have easily paired my Sony SBH-20 headset with my Toshiba Portege notebook using Gnome Bluetooth on my debian 8.3 stable (debian jessie) system. However connection could not be established that easily. Whenever I turned the connection switch on in Gnome-Bluetooth it was instantly becoming off. The swiftness of this reaction made me think that there […]

“… failed to download – Use the Purchases page to try again”

Diyelim Mavericks’i yeniden yüklediniz, iPhoto, Pages, Numbers gibi Apple uygulamalarını yüklemek istiyorsunuz. Yüklemeyi başlatıyorsunuz ama bir türlü belirli bir boyutun üzerine çıkamıyor, başa dönüyor, bu şekilde birkaç deneme sonrası şu hatayı veriyor: iPhoto failed to download – Use the Purchases page to try again Bunun çözümü çok basitmiş aslında. İndirmeye başlayınca App Store’u kırmızı butona […]