How to restore local notes from backup on macOS

I will explain in this post how to restore local notes from a backup to Apple’s Notes app on macOS.

1. Quit Notes

2. Temporarily disable Notes in iCloud settings in System Preferences

3. Open Finder. Go to your home folder. Copy the folder in the following path to a safe location, just in case something goes wrong:

4. Create a backup of all notes which do not exist in your backup, if any… Copy & paste them to a safe place.

Warning! After the following step, all your existing notes will be permanently deleted and notes on the backup will replace them eventually. If your backup does not include all your notes, you will have to manually restore the missing parts by copying & pasting them into your Notes app.

5. If you are ready it is time to restore all your notes from your backup. Copy the folder in the following path from your backup to your home folder, or restore it via Time Machine from an older time point.

6. Run your Notes app and enable Notes in iCloud if you wish.

You should now have all your local Notes back… Congrats!

How to share files and folders from debian linux to macOS or Windows

tuxI took the following steps to share a folder from my computer with debian 10 to my Mac with macOS on my local area network (i.e. LAN, home network). Accessing from a PC running Windows is very similar and it is also explained below.

  1. To share files and folders: Go to your debian. Follow this official guide:
    1. Install the samba server.
    2. Edit config file.
    3. You don’t have to make your home folders writable, you can leave them as read-only. I even recommend making home folders not shared at all, just by commenting out all lines under [homes] section, including the section title, unless sharing all home folders is necessary.
    4. You can share just one folder under your home directory by adding another share definition.
    5. Add a user with a password to your samba server.
    6. Restart the samba server.
  2. To access shared files and folders over the network:
    If you use a Mac, use Finder to navigate to debian system on the network, click the “Connect as…” button to login with a username and password.
    If you use a PC, open Windows Explorer, navigate to Networks… Just connect to your debian system by using a username and password.




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The Golden Sayings of Epictetus, The Harvard Classics, 61st Printing, 1968, p. 172