Bluetooth headset connection problem solved

I have easily paired my Sony SBH-20 headset with my Toshiba Portege notebook using Gnome Bluetooth on my debian 8.3 stable (debian jessie) system.

debian bluetooth

However connection could not be established that easily.

Whenever I turned the connection switch on in Gnome-Bluetooth it was instantly becoming off. The swiftness of this reaction made me think that there was something basically wrong with my Bluetooth configuration.

I have solved this problem basically following the Arch Wiki about Bluetooth Headset with a little adaptation for debian.

Firstly I installed pulseaudio-module-bluetooth package:

# apt-get install pulseaudio-module-bluetooth

Secondly, I restarted pulseaudio:

killall pulseaudio
pulseaudio --check

At this point it could probably work directly using Gnome-Bluetooth, but I used following commands:

sudo systemctl start bluetooth

Now in its own prompt:

power on
agent on
connect {mac address of my already paired headset}

My Bluetooth headset connected successfully. Since then I have not experienced any problem with using Gnome-Bluetooth while turning my Bluetooth headset connection on and off.

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