How to share files and folders from debian linux to macOS or Windows

tuxI took the following steps to share a folder from my computer with debian 10 to my Mac with macOS on my local area network (i.e. LAN, home network). Accessing from a PC running Windows is very similar and it is also explained below.

  1. To share files and folders: Go to your debian. Follow this official guide:
    1. Install the samba server.
    2. Edit config file.
    3. You don’t have to make your home folders writable, you can leave them as read-only. I even recommend making home folders not shared at all, just by commenting out all lines under [homes] section, including the section title, unless sharing all home folders is necessary.
    4. You can share just one folder under your home directory by adding another share definition.
    5. Add a user with a password to your samba server.
    6. Restart the samba server.
  2. To access shared files and folders over the network:
    If you use a Mac, use Finder to navigate to debian system on the network, click the “Connect as…” button to login with a username and password.
    If you use a PC, open Windows Explorer, navigate to Networks… Just connect to your debian system by using a username and password.


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